Arriving at boot camp after joining the military can be a less disorienting experience than walking onto a college campus after leaving the military. At least at boot camp plenty of people are more than willing to tell you where to be, what to do, and how to get there. Walking onto campus, the faces might be friendlier, but the environment isn’t always as easy to navigate.

BACK TO SCHOOL: For veterans, re-entering school is daunting. However, student veterans across the country are working to motivate each other and to prepare future student veterans via on-campus organizations.

Guiding student veterans

Fortunately, incoming student veterans can follow in the footsteps of those who came before them. There are yellow footprints where past student veterans have walked, and those footprints can be found in a student veteran organization on their campus. These on-campus organizations bring like-minded student veterans together to accomplish their next mission, graduation.

With support from their peers, student veterans all across the country are plotting courses towards graduation, getting involved in campus-wide community projects, and adding real-life experience to classrooms.

Creating connections

Student veteran organizations allow student veterans to connect with administrative staff about their benefits or academic plans, meet study buddies to mentor in their strengths and learn from where they need some extra help, and participate in building stronger communities on campus and off.

By joining an organization, like an SVA chapter, veterans gain opportunities to step up as leaders on their campus and in their communities.

“Student veterans are proven leaders with extraordinary skills and drive.”

Continuing service

The passion to help others drives individuals to choose to serve their country and join the military. After leaving the military and going back to school, that same passion drives student veterans to serve others in their communities.

We’ve seen chapters across the nation work together to complete local service projects and make an impact in their communities. At an SVA Leadership Summit on Sept. 22, nearly 40 student veterans cleaned up a YMCA center in Chicago, allowing the organization to engage youth in Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods.   

Student veterans are proven leaders with extraordinary skills and drive. When our nation invests in and supports their success, student veterans have the ability to not only help other student veterans succeed, but to help entire communities thrive.