As veterans return home and begin exchanging their uniforms for civilian clothes, it’s imperative we do whatever we can to help ease their transition. It’s no secret that the transition can be rough for many veterans. Ask any veteran what their experience was like leaving the military, and they will recall a moment when they had their doubts and were unsure about which direction to go.

In the military, everyone from the frontlines to the rear echelon is working towards the same objective. To accomplish that objective, you’re placed in a group of people and expected to work together to achieve success. The bonds you share with the men and women you serve with are lifelong and irreplaceable.

Overcoming obstacles

"Life after the military doesn’t mean a life without purpose. Veterans have fought hard for their communities and country while in uniform. Now they’re continuing the fight as civilians."

Losing the camaraderie and higher sense of purpose can be extremely challenging. Leaving that environment and being plunged into the civilian world, where a significant majority of folks not only have never served, but also tend to have little understanding of what your service meant, adds another layer of complexity to the process.

In the media, we are inundated with statistics and stories of veterans who are struggling. But what is often lost from this conversation, is those stories of success.

Civilian success

Despite the many challenges, veterans are succeeding. Veterans are getting into the classroom, clearing those hurdles, and graduating. Veterans are taking their degrees and gaining meaningful employment. And when veterans get to the workplace, they’re quickly distinguishing themselves and moving up the corporate ladder.

The key to making that transition is finding your next mission. Veterans are starting to take up that charge and realize that leaving the military doesn’t have to mean leaving the camaraderie behind.

Get active in your local communities, apply the same skills and discipline that made you successful on the frontlines and together we can make this country a better place.