Don Foster

Senior Director of Solutions Marketing, Commvault

“Having a plan for the worst will not only protect businesses and their revenue, but also the livelihood of the employees that rely on these businesses for the income needed…”

Jeana White

Executive Vice President, UST Brands

“Becoming complacent and thinking ‘it won’t happen to us.’ Trust me — someday it will.”

Scott Sanderson

Director of Crisis Management, Albertsons Companies

“By developing an atmosphere of collaboration, you work more efficiently as a team and can quickly react to the uncertainties that each event presents.”

Rob Carter

SVP Solutions Engineering, TierPoint

“We are in the era of always-on, and if you aren’t there, customers will use someone else, or start looking for someone else.”

Josh Richardson

Director of Marketing, Viqua

“I can’t emphasize it enough: at least seven days’ worth of food and safe drinking water... Those are probably the most crucial supplies you can have in case of a disaster.”

Ken Tolson

U.S. Property & Casualty CEO, Crawford & Company

“A defined business continuity plan, combined with proper insurance coverage, is essential in impacting successful recovery following a disaster.”