Only one percent of all U.S. citizens are in the military. Even when you count their spouses, children, parents and grandparents, it’s still a very small percentage of Americans who have a direct experience with the military lifestyle. That’s why the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) invites all Americans to honor our military members and their families on Veteran’s Day today.

These families face extraordinary challenges and demands throughout their military career: multiple extended deployments, family separations and frequent moves that disrupt spousal careers and children's education. For these sacrifices, they deserve America's full support not only today, but throughout the year. Our military members forfeit personal freedoms that many Americans take for granted. Some suffer serious injury, or make the ultimate sacrifice. When MOAA members talk to our wounded warriors, they find many are planning new life goals before they are even out of the hospital.

Some may go on to civilian careers, but a large number are most concerned about getting back to their units to do the work they know so well: saving lives of their fellow service members and protecting the American way of life.

What you can do

We ask all Americans who enjoy the freedoms and safety provided by our troops to consider the demands and sacrifices placed on our military members and their families. The past decade of war highlights these enormous demands that have no counterpart in civilian employment. MOAA is One Powerful Voice® for our military personnel and their families.

We support a strong national defense by ensuring military personnel and compensation programs are maintained at levels necessary to attract and retain a top-quality, all-volunteer force. Today we honor our active duty troops, veterans and their families for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.