1. Why now?

It's a good time for investment in Africa. Over the past few years we've seen a major increase in foreign investment in infrastructure projects designed to move natural resources to world markets. Increased development investment could take advantage of these new road, port and telecommunications projects to open new worlds and access to markets never imagined by Africa's rural poor.

2. Millennium Development Goals

Most of Africa continues to lag behind MDGs for sanitation. Inadequate numbers of latrine blocks encourage use of open defecation and "flying toilets." Despite WHO’s recent decision to relax standards from 30 children per unit to 50, most of Africa is nowhere near meeting those standards. We support a school in Tanzania with 7,000 students and just 10 latrine units, half of which are regularly out of service.

3. Cross-Sector Collaboration

It's easy to see how all the pieces interact. Investments in food and nutrition improve health, which improves school attendance which creates a more skilled workforce. New roads allow transportation of goods and services to and from markets. The problems Africa faces are too complex for any one player to change. Focus and coordination are the key to successfully applying capital, resources and strategies for stable, long-term growth in Africa.

4. What can readers do to help advance this movement towards positive change on the continent?

To advance this movement towards positive change people simply have to use what they have inside of themselves — whether that’s their voice, their time, their experience or their expertise. We all have the ability to do something.  Feed The Children wants to work with each person’s unique gift to make an impact in Africa.