The number of hungry people is declining. But it’s still 795 million too many. Now, is the time for each and every one of us to step up our action. Ending hunger is possible, but what will it take us to get there?

1. Start with women

We must empower women and girls. When women have equal access to education and participate fully in decision-making, they are the driving force against hunger. Women with equal rights are better educated, healthier and have greater access to land, jobs and financial resources.

2. Mobilize everyone

Mobilizing communities to be the agents of their own change is critical. Hungry people are not the problem. They are the solution. People living in conditions of hunger are best placed to come up with answers to the challenges they face. We must put people in charge of their own development.

3. Partner effectively with local government

Working with—not alongside—government ensures that solutions are long term and sustainable. Local government is closest to the people and has the mission of working with people to meet their basic needs.

When communities are mobilized to participate as active citizens, the result is profound social and political transformation. This is what is required to achieve the end of hunger.