We asked Dave Phillips, the president and founder of Children’s Hunger Fund, to paint us a clearer picture of the uphill battle against childhood hunger that’s being fought at home and abroad.

Mediaplanet: Why is childhood hunger such an important issue in our world today?

Dave Phillips: Children are the most vital resource we have. Yet nearly half (45 percent) of deaths among kids under 5 years old are due to poor nutrition. We must care for them because they can’t care for themselves.  

MP: What are some ways our readers can get involved?

DP: Just reading this article is a great first step. You have to get informed. Then, partner up with a group who has opportunities to get involved by volunteering, donating and advocating.

MP: What inspired you to get involved in this global fight?

DP: On a short-term missions trip in college I encountered a couple in Honduras who cared for terminally ill children in the depths of desperate poverty. That experience changed me and challenged me to make an impact in the lives of suffering children around the world and here at home.

MP: How do you see the battle changing over the next five years?

DP: Resourcing and supply chain challenges will remain significant issues in fighting hunger in the hardest to reach areas. Famine, disasters, war and corruption will add to the complexity of the issue. However, there are encouraging signs of progress in the area of sustainable food sources, and a growing spirit of advocacy among those entering adulthood here in the U.S.