The loss of potential these deaths represent is unacceptable. We need to work together to help children reach healthy adulthood, and to contribute to the growth of productive families and nations.

A collaborative effort 

Over 35 years ago, Action Against Hunger was created with a mission to fight hunger and save lives. At every level, we engage local stakeholders in developing replicable, affordable systems that provide ongoing access to the food, livelihoods, water and hygiene that support nutrition.

"Coordinating actions is essential, because no one organization can do this alone."

We have driven innovation in the field. Our work led to the development of therapeutic milk products, F-100 and F-75, which lowered the global mortality rates for children in treatment for severe acute malnutrition from 25 to 5 percent. We were instrumental in the shift to ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTF). The repackaging of F-100 into a stable peanut butter-based product without need for preparation, clean water, or refrigeration, allowed treatment to move from hospitals to health centers and communities, providing for a significant scale-up. This treatment is also highly effective, ensuring cure rates of more than 90 percent.

New age solutions

We will continue to collaborate with innovative partners to help find cutting-edge solutions to hunger. We are currently working to develop new recipes for ready-to-use therapeutic foods, based on local produce and tastes. We are also working towards household-level water solutions in order to improve the efficacy of nutritional treatment.  

Coordinating actions is essential, because no one organization can do this alone. In addition to treatment, we need to continue to address the root causes of hunger — access to quality food, health care and childcare practices. Governments, corporations, foundations, civil society groups and individuals all must play their role in the fight against hunger.