When we think of hunger, our minds often wander to distant lands. Hunger is something that happens in other places, not here in America. But the reality is that in this land of abundance, plenty are in need.

On the map

According to our Map the Meal Gap analysis, hunger exists in every county and congressional district in the nation. People facing hunger could be your neighbors, coworkers or your children’s friends. Hunger is not a foreign problem. It’s a problem happening right in your hometown.

"To be truly food secure, individuals and families require adequate resources on a consistent basis..."

It is almost beyond comprehension that people are facing hunger in a nation with more than enough food to go around. Despite some notable efforts, America’s food-insecurity rate is unacceptably high.

Research reveals that hunger is not an isolated problem. Hunger is the face of a much deeper set of problems. It is likely that a person who does not have reliable access to nutritious food also does not have enough income to afford all of their basic needs like food, and their rent or mortgage, and health care.

HOP ON THE WAGON: Community members are coming together to be a part of the hunger solution.

Reaching out

Insufficient nutritious food has a domino effect on health and well-being. To be truly food secure, individuals and families require adequate resources on a consistent basis to meet all of their basic needs, instead of sacrificing one to pay for another. Local and national partners such as clinics and job resource centers need to collaborate to help people meet their other priority needs as well. People across this country need help building a pathway out of poverty and into a stable, hunger-free future.

Hunger is all around us, but we’re fortunate that in our nation, help is all around us as well. Businesses, charities, government and individuals: we all have a role to play in solving hunger. If we collaborate to help and empower people in need we can give them a better shot at a bright future, and create an America that is truly hunger free.