Despite the high levels of hunger, up to 40 percent of food produced in the U.S. is never consumed, according to a statistic provided by Food Donation Connection, which assists food service companies with alternatives to discarding surplus food. Along with others, they are working toward a goal of zero hunger in 15 years.

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“We’re a company with a huge heart and it’s our privilege and responsibility to feed the world by making a difference in global hunger,” said  Greg Creed, chief executive officer of Yum! Brands, whose restaurant portfolio includes KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Yum! created World Hunger Relief in 2007 to raise awareness, volunteerism and funds for the U.N. World Food Programme and other hunger relief agencies. Additionally, Yum! addresses hunger in the U.S. by donating prepared food to homeless shelters and food banks through their Harvest program, which the company is continuing to expand globally.

“'Just one U.S. dollar provides meals to four hungry children at school...'”


It is no longer just the homeless that need assistance, according to Jim Larson, program development director of Food Donation Connection, but also the working poor and single parents trying to “hold down the fort.”

"Delivering school meals is one of the smartest strategies to solve global hunger," says Rick Leach, president and CEO of World Food Program USA. "By drawing more children into the classroom, promoting education and providing nutrition, school meals from the World Food Programme are transforming children's lives and moving entire communities from hunger to hope."

How can you help? The WFP, FDC and Yum! recommend volunteering at local shelters, food banks or soup kitchens along with financial contributions to any hunger relief organization. “Just one U.S. dollar provides meals to four hungry children at school,” concluded  Creed.