From catching serious conditions sooner, via improved screening protocol, down to consulting your doctor remotely, via telehealth, health care is growing more sophisticated because its once separate components are growing more intertwined. Read on to see how our panel of experts recommends you make the most of the shifting landscape. 

Michael Thompson

President and CEO, National Business Coalition on Health

“Telehealth and remote monitoring are enabling improved access to care for less serious conditions.”

Carla Smith, MA, FHIMSS, CNM

Executive Vice President, HIMSS

“Technology has advanced to the point where high-quality, cost-effective care is possible.”

Paul Gionfriddo

President and CEO, Mental Health America

“We don’t reduce costs by denying and managing later-stage care. We do it by investing in prevention.”

Peter L. Saltonstall

President and CEO, National Organization for Rare Disorders

“Right now, in our system people seek out health care. The system needs to flow the other way.”