The experts share their two cents on advancing LGBTQ rights and visibility in the workplace and in general, as well as where they’ve noticed the most promising strides being made.

Billy Bean, Vice President, MLB

Special Assistant to MLB Commissioner

“Having the courage to be one’s best and most honest self has brought the conversation into our homes, schools and workplace.”

Belinda Hernandez, Journalist

Senior Director, CNN Newsource Sales

“Corporations can also create internal programs that identify and promote LGBTQ employees to openly step into leadership and key decision making opportunities.”

Jon Tilli

Vice President, Deutsche Bank

“Our community’s focus on the economic benefits of LGBTQ inclusion, and the cost of exclusion, vastly accelerated progress.”

Jacquelyn Kilmer

CEO, Harlem United

“LGBTQ people in privileged positions must continue to advocate for the rights of more marginalized communities.”