Mediaplanet caught up with Judy Reed, M.Ed., director of Veteran Services and Outreach at Excelsior College to talk about the changing face of educational opportunities for military students.

What are the best benefits of online education for military and/or veteran students?

The benefits of online education include ease of access and asynchronous accredited classes. Ease of access to the internet allows course interaction to occur at the student’s convenience; students can be in almost any part of the world and receive their education.

Often in different time zones, students find asynchronous classes work best because they do not need to be online at any specific time, but do need to meet deadlines for assignments, projects and discussions.

What types of programs should schools utilize to help ensure the success of their military and/or veteran students?

Schools should have degree programs for military and veteran students which utilize their military experience toward a civilian career goal relevant in today’s job market.

Students require the resources to be a successful student such as 24/7 tutoring services, career services, student online success guide, and military/veteran social communities.