Water and Sanitation

TOPICS From California's drought to Flint's contamination to women in developing countries walking miles, the need for suitable supplies of water are of the utmost importance.

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How Nature Can Help Us Address Wastewater

Microbiology is nature’s operating system. Through 21st-century technologies such as low-cost DNA sequencing, humans are beginning to understand the secret world of microbes and their potential to help solve our most pressing problem, including mediating humans’ conflicted relationship with our environment.

The Hidden Potential of Toilets

Could we be flushing valuable resources down the toilet? The Toilet Board takes a look at the opportunities for business and sanitation lurking where no one has looked.

Making Used Water Potable Again

Amid growing concerns over the global supply of water and droughts here at home, innovators are tapping unlikely sources for fresh water—and achieving startling results.

Finding the Right Filter for Your Household Water

In the wake of high-profile stories about contamination and water supply, we ask two prominent voices from the industry to chime in with tips for seeking out and maintaining the utilities that will keep you safe—and hydrated.