Environmental Protection
Danni Washington Talks About How Everyone Can Help Save Our Oceans
Activist and artist Danni Washington campaigns for cleaner, plastic-free oceans. She founded the non-profit Big Blue & You, and presents the STEM-themed TV show Xploration Nature Knows Best. We talked to her about what everyday people can do to protect our oceans.
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Environmental Protection
Pro Surfer Kelly Slater on Protecting the World’s Oceans
We spoke with pro surfer Kelly Slater about threats to our planet’s oceans, and what can be done to protect this vital natural resource.
Environmental Protection
How One Photographer Is Inspiring People to Protect Our Oceans
Cristina Mittermeier founded SeaLegacy to bring awareness to vibrant life in the ocean and the threats it faces. Now, she discusses the importance of oceans and what we must all do to protect them.