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Consumers know Purina as the manufacturer of high-quality pet foods. And the company is also committed to supporting local communities, farmers, and the environment.

Guided by the belief that pets and people are better together, Purina is dedicated to ensuring a sustainable environment for pets and people. 

“We’re thinking of ways we can make true improvements to our environment, for the benefit of both animals and people,” says Jack Scott, vice president of sustainability and responsible sourcing at Purina. 

In an ongoing effort to support farming, agriculture, and conservation, Purina has taken on many sustainability projects. For example, the company supports The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a global organization dedicated to conserving land and water, by helping install wetlands and woodlands at key junctures to reduce nutrient and sediment flow along the Wabash River in Indiana and Illinois. That’s a critical tributary of the Mississippi River Basin and a region where the company sources key ingredients for its pet food recipes.

Protecting natural resources

The company also contributed $1 million over five years to TNC’s reThink Soil initiative, a national, collaborative effort to advance soil health practices on U.S. croplands, which could deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits for farmers and communities.

“Our aim is to ensure a sustainable agriculture system that benefits both people and nature. To do that, we need companies like Purina that have the scale and commitment to drive change from the ground up,” says Pipa Elias, director of agriculture for The Nature Conservancy in North America. “Efforts to improve soil health on U.S. farms and conserve our natural areas are critical to addressing climate change, ensuring clean drinking water, and providing food security for a growing world.” 

Purina’s commitment to responsible ingredient sourcing, sustainability, and conservation also includes ongoing work with Ducks Unlimited (DU), a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation of wetlands and associated upland habitats for waterfowl. In total, the company has given over $5 million to support conservation programs in the United States with TNC and DU. DU’s Living Lakes Initiative and Rice Stewardship Partnership are other examples. The Living Lakes program protects and improves 1,600 acres of Iowa wetlands and grasslands; and the Rice Stewardship Partnership helps preserve wetlands, keeps rice lands healthy, and creates waterfowl habitats.

Supporting farmers

Purina also supports the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture (AFBFA), including sponsoring an event at the group’s annual convention. The company also donates prizes for the annual Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year contest. This year’s winner, Woody, is an Australian shepherd farm dog from Texas.

Additionally, every year Purina’s support helps fund AFBF’s educational materials for schools about farming.

“We believe that everyone should understand where their food comes from. To reach that goal, we offer a variety of standards-based programs for teachers and educators,” says Zippy Duvall, chairman of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. “Many of the educational resources we offer, including sustainable agriculture lesson plans and My American Farm online games, are available free of charge thanks to support from sponsors, including Purina.” 

The company works with conservation groups to determine the biggest opportunities to make a difference. Purina knows the work they do now can have immediate and long-term benefits.

“A healthy environment is key to producing healthy ingredients,” says Scott. “Our goal is to use high-quality ingredients to make our pet food, and in the process, create a healthier planet for pets and people. We want to make products in a caring, responsible way that preserves the environment, not just for today but for future generations.” 

Kristen Castillo, [email protected]

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