Matt Damon-water org-Gary White
Water and Sanitation
Untapped Potential: Matt Damon and Gary White Want to Ease the Global Water Crisis With Innovation
An estimated 1 in 10 people lack immediate financing to access and maintain safe water systems, and 1 in 4 individuals can’t afford sanitation systems.
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Food and Agriculture
Preparing the Next Generation of Agriculture Students to Fight Hunger
With more knowledge, tools and technology than ever before, it’s within the reach of our next generation of farmers to make global hunger a thing of the past.
Keeping a Sustainable Garden With Smart Water Controls
By making waterings more efficient — and automatically shutting off sprinklers when it rains — smart water timers like Orbit’s B-hyve are making it easier for homeowners to realize the joy of having beautiful lawns and gardens, while reducing their water footprint. Across the United States, and especially in the West, droughts have become the … Continued