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The Restaurant Industry Is Uniting to End Childhood Hunger

1 in 6 children in America lives with hunger. That’s over 12 million children who live in food insecure homes, meaning those households don’t have enough food for every family member to lead a healthy life. 

Here’s what that means: In some families, the pantry is completely empty. In others, mom skips dinner a few nights a week so the kids can have something to eat in the evening. In others, families are making impossible decisions between paying the rent or buying groceries. 

Hunger can have long-term negative consequences on a child’s development. Hungry kids are at risk of long-term, avoidable health problems, like heart disease, slow brain development, and asthma. Hungry kids also have trouble focusing in class and are more likely to act out. 

Lending a hand

The good news is that childhood hunger is a solvable problem. One of the most effective ways to help families and children is through federal nutrition programs, such as school breakfast, summer meals, and afterschool meals. No Kid Hungry, a national campaign to end childhood hunger, connects kids to these effective programs so they have the food they need to thrive. 

Since the start of the No Kid Hungry campaign in 2010, the restaurant industry has stood behind its work, contributing funding, support, and energy to the mission of making sure every child in America has the food they need. 

Each year, thousands of restaurants across the country participate in Dine for No Kid Hungry, a fundraiser to raise the critical funds to feed hungry children. This year, more than 15,000 restaurants are participating and, since 2008, our delivery and restaurant partners and their guests have raised over $75 million for No Kid Hungry. 

Feeding people takes teamwork and as the industry that feeds people day-in and day-out, no one understands this better than the restaurant industry. Through Dine for No Kid Hungry, the industry has demonstrated that doing good is good for business.  
Want to know how you can help? Dine for No Kid Hungry at a participating restaurant in your neighborhood this September and help end childhood hunger in America.

No Kid Hungry, [email protected]

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