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Jon Bon Jovi Aims to End Homelessness in Southern Nevada

Photo: Courtesy of Doron Gild

“I wanted to learn how I could help — homelessness doesn’t require a doctor, a scientist or a cure — you need money, motivation and passion, and I knew I could help.”

Since that pivotal moment, Bon Jovi has worked tirelessly to fight against homelessness and hunger through the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation (JBJSF). Over the last 12 years, the organization has provided funding to community partners across the United States to build over 600 units of affordable and supportive housing. Additionally, the organization has two JBJ Soul Kitchens in New Jersey where customers are served a delicious restaurant-style meal regardless of their ability to pay.

We’re more connected than we realize

Bon Jovi says that the faces of hunger and homelessness are not always ones that you’d expect. 

“These issues affect your neighbors, your family members — anyone from your community. Everyone is really just one life event away from finding themselves in need of some support.”

Making a difference in Nevada

Recently, the JBJSF has put its attention on the homeless youth in Southern Nevada. After attending two southern Nevada Youth Homelessness Summits in 2017 and 2018 to gain a better sense of the community, learn about the plans to address the issue and understand how the organization could assist local programs like the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth and Sands Care, the JBJSF pledged a matching grant up to $100,000 to fund a new facility providing beds for homeless youth.

Bon Jovi says it’s the people that keep him committed to helping remedy homelessness. “I am inspired by the individuals, families, single moms, veterans and youth who come in off the street looking to turn their lives around and are brave enough to ask for a hand. These are the people that keep me going.” 

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