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How One Foundation Focuses on Families in Need

Wayne Filpo is the director of development at the Foundation Of Hope, and is dedicated to helping families in need in the Connecticut area.

Wayne Filpo

Director of Development, Foundation Of Hope

When did you start your nonprofit and how?

We started Foundation Of Hope in 2015, launching with a charity to raise money to help children and families displaced by the Nepal and Haiti earthquakes. Early on, the foundation was a collaboration with Save The Children and the Town of Greenwich. We have since emerged as a stand-alone nonprofit focused on the cities of Norwalk, Stamford and surrounding Connecticut communities with families in need.

What was the biggest challenge you faced?  

When we started Foundation of Hope, our biggest challenging was funding and it is still the biggest challenge for the organization. We offer so many free programs to the community, like tutoring and recreational programs, english as a second language class, GED preparation & testing, FAFSA/student application for financial aid, employment/ job application, resume writing and referrals to employers, referrals/social service agencies and resources in CT, counselling and therapy, financial wellness seminar/home-buyers help, interpretation, courts, schools, hospitals as needed, translations, documents, school transcripts, etc. We offer so much, and fundraising is always our biggest challenge. We wish we could offer even more, but resources are spread very thin.

What motivated you to start a nonprofit?

We were motivated to start Foundation Of Hope to help families displaced by the Nepal and Haiti earthquakes, but learned quickly that there were so many in the community who simply needed day-to-day general support, that we took it a step farther beyond our specific gala cause and decided that we needed to help the community for the long term. We formed the nonprofit to collaborate with charitable organizations to raise local awareness to social issues, disaster relief, medical assistance and humanitarian aid with particular attention to children and education.

What was the biggest reward from starting a nonprofit?  

The biggest reward from starting a nonprofit was seeing how hope started spreading throughout the community. So many people needed help, and it was inspiring to see how we could lend a hand.

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