How mRNA vaccine development can help the UK become pandemic-prepared
This article is sponsored by Moderna. A major biotechnology company is helping to ensure the UK is ‘pandemic-prepared’ through the construction of a manufacturing and innovation centre. It aims to develop and produce mRNA vaccines for various known and unknown respiratory diseases. One of the major learnings of the Covid-19 pandemic was that the world … Continued
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People showing their arms after receiving covid-19 vaccination - stock illustration
Next-generation vaccines could reduce ‘tripledemic’ hospitalizations by 35% in the United States
The burden of respiratory diseases in the US has increased over threefold compared to pre-pandemic levels, as COVID continues to take a heavy toll on hospitals. New modeling by Airfinity estimates the rollout of next-generation vaccines could reduce the number of hospitalizations by 35%. It estimates that total hospitalizations will reach 1.15 million this winter … Continued