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  • Future of Immunization & Vaccines Q3 2023

    Government and industry collaboration: how to fight ‘Disease X

    The world’s population is facing a rising tide of threats against health as factors like climate change and globalisation alter the spread of infectious diseases. Recent years have highlighted, with sobering clarity, the devastating impact public health emergencies can have on our lives and livelihoods. And with the potential that a new, previously unknown pathogen, … Continued
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    People showing their arms after receiving covid-19 vaccination - stock illustration

    Next-generation vaccines could reduce ‘tripledemic’ hospitalizations by 35% in the United States

    The burden of respiratory diseases in the US has increased over threefold compared to pre-pandemic levels, as COVID continues to take a heavy toll on hospitals. New modeling by Airfinity estimates the rollout of next-generation vaccines could reduce the number of hospitalizations by 35%. It estimates that total hospitalizations will reach 1.15 million this winter … Continued