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Disaster Prep and First Response

Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Photo: Courtesy of Sunyu Kim

In case of a catastrophe, here are four items that could keep your loved ones safe and sound. 

1. Earthquake Bag

Been meaning to build an emergency bag forever, but just never get around to it? If you live on the West Coast or in the South, you know every family needs one.

The Earthquake Bag offers easily-customizable emergency bags, so you can get it done and rest easier. Every bag comes with food, water, first aid, hygiene, tools, light, communication, shelter, warmth and tools; plus you get to make it yours – customize for 1-6 people, 3-7 days or more, and add options for your car, pet, office or school.

We love their focus on packing more food and water than any generic “kit” (over ⅓ more), and all the super-innovative tools and supplies we never would have thought of.

Our favorite part? $5 is donated from every order to victims of natural disasters.

2. SEVENTY2 Survival System

Uncharted Supply Co. creates high-quality, high-utility emergency preparedness systems. Founded by a community of outdoor adventurers and philanthropists, the brands seeks to prepare people and communities for any type of emergency situation

The Seventy2 Survival System is comprised of 35 top quality tools designed to help get you through the first 72 hours of an emergency. Since it’s said that 95 percent of all emergency situations are resolved within this time frame, having the right gear can mean the difference between life and death. Uncharted worked closely with first responders, doctors, military personnel, mountain guides and other experts to develop the world’s best seventy two hour survival kit—a product that transforms a potentially deadly scenario into a really crazy story.

3. FIRMAN Generator

Our H03651 Electric start generator is a part of the FIRMAN Hybrid Dual Fuel Generator Series – the new standard in power generation and exceptional performance. Our Dual Fuel generators allow users the option to run off traditional gas or liquid propane for 20 hours of combined run time (with a common 20 lb. LP tank) and our largest in industry gas tanks, 5 Gal on the FIRMAN 3-4.9 KW’s and 8 Gals on our 5KW and larger. Experience the power and performance of a FIRMAN generator, not only for your back-up power needs during a storm, but to help clean up the aftermath. Our Hybrid “Dual Fuel” models range from 3000W’s to 10,000W’s so you can accommodate any of your outdoor power needs and have fuel options that will allow versatility during your time of need.

4. Survival Gear Systems

One of the newest businesses to hit the web this year is (SGS). This is not your ordinary survival gear or outdoor gear store. The founders, Desiree Jones and Mike Semerad, have carefully chosen products most important in disaster prevention and disaster recovery. They have partnered survival experts, such as Mykel Hawke and Megan Hine, to provide top quality content and curate top rated gear to help schools, government offices, charitable organizations, and families prepare for any disaster situation. Customers can plan by choosing any of their top rated products or their Exclusive Survival Packages, which are designed for different types of disasters. Customers can choose a package by situation, length of time, budget, and family size. The owners believe the website’s seemingly overnight success is due to more people taking disaster prep seriously and the recent increase of threats throughout the world.

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