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Disaster Prep and First Response

Celebrating Our First Responders and Instilling a Culture of Safety

Photo: Courtesy of JC Gellidon

The American Red Cross is no stranger to disaster and emergency. Our dedicated volunteers, employees and community partners work tirelessly to deliver hope in the face of devastating events, ranging from a home fire that impacts a single family to a hurricane that affects millions.

Supporting our heroes

While disaster response is at the heart of our mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering, the Red Cross also works to provide comfort and care to those brave men and women who drop everything at a moment’s notice to answer the call for help: our nation’s first responders.

Every day, first responders bring lifesaving care and safety to those in need, often during some of the most dangerous and chaotic situations imaginable. The physical and emotional strain they experience is significant, and it is important to empower these heroic individuals by giving them our unwavering support. 

In certain instances, this support takes the form of mental health counseling and spiritual care. Other times, this support means a bottle of water, a hot meal and a place to rest after a long day on the job. Between the hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes, it is our first responders who have worked countless hours for the relief and recovery of communities nationwide.     

How communities can help

The Red Cross founder, Clara Barton, was known as the “Angel of the Battlefield” for her efforts to care for wounded soldiers during the Civil War. Today, we carry on Clara’s legacy by delivering 24/7 global emergency communication services to military members serving overseas. Our community members can also aid our responders as they face the fiercest of conditions by being prepared. Community preparedness means reduced risk and improved response, relief and recovery.

In addition to empowering first responders, the Red Cross actively works to create more citizen first responders through our Health and Safety education. Start getting prepared today and join the 5.9 million people who are versed in CPR, first aid, water safety and other skills that help save lives. Education is critical for improved safety and can make the difference when disaster strikes at a moment’s notice.

Our nation owes a debt of gratitude to its courageous first responders, and the American Red Cross will continue to support all those who give so much of themselves to help others.

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