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The Earthquake Bag Helps Communities Create A Culture Of Safety

After moving to California and experiencing earthquake culture, friends and business partners Zach and Skyler were surprised to find few choices for ready-made earthquake preparation kits. Recognizing the need to prepare for such an event, the pair began creating their own. The need for “earthquake bags” across their community was quickly felt, and they found themselves creating bags for friends and neighbors.

Shortly thereafter, Zach and Skyler launched a straightforward, no-frills business model: provide an accessible, affordable and high-quality kit to help people stay safe in the face of an earthquake. Their fundamental message? Support and build our communities.

A different business model

As a direct reflection of the founders’ business philosophy, The Earthquake Bag’s business model rests on harnessing social enterprise to disaster relief efforts. The goal is simple: encourage those in earthquake-prone regions to be prepared for anything, from days without electricity to larger infrastructure destruction.

Encouraging others to be prepared is a company priority, as is creating a community culture that prioritizes safety. Making and sharing the earthquake bag is meant to help not only those who can afford it, but those who cannot as well.

Global social response

When disaster strikes, The Earthquake Bag provides assistance directly to victims of natural disasters around the world, with $5 from each purchase going directly to disaster victims. So far, the enterprise has raised over $60,000 for disaster relief initiatives around the world.

Zach and Skyler look to take their initial project of helping friends, family and neighbors to the next level and create a system that provides on-the-ground support for all of those in need.

Zoe Alexander, [email protected]

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