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Turning California’s Car Culture Green

Photo: Courtesy of Xan Griffin

When it comes to adapting a sustainable lifestyle, doing everything you can helps. This includes our reliance on fossil feuls and cars.

Joseph Nagle

Director of Marketing, Everchange

How has the nature of our Air Quality changed in the last decade, and why is it so important to take action now?

It’s becoming clear that drastic changes need to be made to curb airborne pollution while the state has made great strides of the past decade now is the time to change our car culture into one that’s completely green.

What is the mark of an effective sustainable community?

Sustainable communities should think about the long-term savings both environmentally and financially. While many sustainable technologies appear more expensive (like electric cars) on the onset, over the lifetime of their use they actually save the owner quite a lot of money, while still making a small environmental impact.

How can we make eco-conscious choices individually in our daily lives to protect the environment?

It starts and ends with our cars, the fewer number of gas-powered vehicles in use the better. Choosing to take the bus, riding a bike, carpooling, and yes, driving an electric car all off-set this number and can greatly reduce the amount of pollution. 

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