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Supporting Our Veterans

Discover 5 Key Skills Veterans Can Offer Any Business

If your business is looking for a reliable new hire, consider recruiting local veterans who have recently left the service. Beyond providing help and a career path to those who have served our country, your company will benefit from the unique skill sets these individuals possess that can help drive your business in more ways than one. Consider these skills that a veteran can bring to your team.   

1. Leadership

Don’t think that veterans in your employ will lead just by channeling their inner drill sergeant and shouting orders. Veterans understand how to delegate tasks with clear, detailed directions that empower their teammates to succeed.

2. Composure under stress

Military personnel know how to perform their duties in stressful situations without losing their composure. These experiences have taught veterans how to constructively handle stress while still getting the job done. In the business world, this means they can prioritize work and meet tight deadlines, even under pressure.

3. Discipline

Discipline is an intangible trait that’s difficult to learn, but it’s a core value of the Armed Forces. Veterans know the importance of taking responsibility for their duties and actions. By placing service before self, these individuals have developed a strong work ethic that quickly elevates a new employee-in-training into a thriving, productive member of your company.

4. Teamwork mentality

Camaraderie is a driving force of military life, and veterans are comfortable with relying on teammates to accomplish larger goals. In the business world, this translates into the ability to collaborate within both small teams and larger organizations. Veterans understand the need to set aside their own egos and work with others to achieve success for everyone.

5. Critical thinking

Veterans have been trained to do so much more than simply execute direct orders. They can adapt to new situations on the fly and think critically about the best way to solve complex problems. The result is a group of self-starters who can work with limited supervision from a manager.

There are many resources, such as or your local VA office, where you can go to see if there are veterans in your community looking for work. You just might find your next star employee.

Jim Lorraine, President and CEO, America’s Warrior Partnership, [email protected]

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