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Supporting Our Veterans

Helping the Women Warriors Who Served Our Country

When you think of a military veteran, does a woman come to mind?  

Over 2 million women have served our country and the number is rapidly growing. These dedicated women can be found nationwide, but go largely unrecognized in our communities. As a society, when we think of veterans, women almost never come to mind. This oversight is so prevalent that statistics show that some of our women veterans do not identify themselves as veterans.  

Women veterans have been underserved and unrecognized, and there’s been a continued assumption that we are only the spouse. Veterans leave their families, and give their time, talents, and skills to protect others. But when veterans, especially women, come home, there is a battle they often fight alone.

Connecting veterans

I have been on a mission to change that, along with other women veterans and supporters in our community as we are all leading and supporting the women veterans’ movement. We have brought more awareness to the community that women have served and are currently serving. We’re also working to get women veterans connected to their benefits and each other.  It is important to help women veterans reintegrate back into our communities.

Through our women veteran movement, we are letting women veterans know we are here in the community and are standing by ready to help. The most important thing is that we are providing community and camaraderie. Impacting a woman veteran’s life not only positively affects her life but also her family’s. 

On Nov. 11, we celebrate the men and women who have made the sacrifice to serve in the military. This Veterans Day, let’s not forget the women who have served and continue to serve in our communities.

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