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Supporting Our Veterans

Learn How One Business Is Working to Recruit Veteran Talent

Photo: Courtesy of Nik MacMillan

Carly Sanchez

Head of Talent Acquisition, Strategy and Delivery, Wells Fargo

How are you helping transitioning veterans find employment?

Wells Fargo is committed to hiring and retaining military veterans, veterans with disabilities, National Guard members and Reservists. We support veterans transitioning from military service with a variety of job options, confidential resources, educational information and career guidance. Our goal is to attract, hire and support veteran team members and to employ 20,000 veterans by 2020.

Wells Fargo partners with Veteran Serving Organizations to connect with military talent (transitioning service members, National Guard members, Reservists and veterans) interested in careers in financial services. We participate in national, regional and local recruiting events, as well as virtual career fairs, and we have developed unique programs to attract military talent, like the Veteran Employment Transition program, which offers 8 to 10 week internships.

We have also developed relationships with key non-profits that are preparing veterans for transition to civilian life.

Internally, we have developed programs to ensure we are not overlooking qualified veteran applicants. Through our ApprenticeshipUSA program, we provide veterans with little to no prior financial services experience the opportunity to earn a salary while learning additional skills necessary to succeed in high-demand, civilian careers.

What are some of the key strengths of military veteran employees?

There are many skills military members bring to the workplace. In our experience, veterans are diligent and hard-working, with proven leadership, teamwork and initiative. In addition, they are critical and strategic thinkers with a strong ability to problem-solve.

What is one unique area in which veterans need additional support?

We often find that veterans don’t fully understand how their skills will translate to the civilian job force. There are many resources for veterans to learn how these valuable skills translate and how to highlight these skills through the interview process and in their new, civilian careers. It’s also important to assist returning veterans in building their next careers through one-on-one mentorship and professional networking opportunities that focus on career development topics such as resume review, interview preparation and career advancement.

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