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Supporting Our Veterans

Veterans Are Bringing Unmatched Skills to the Workplace


Tim Best

CEO, Bradley-Morris and RecruitMilitary

Why are so many employers seeking veterans to fill available positions?

Veterans have practical, real-world experience in self-discipline, leadership, problem-solving and critical thinking. 20 million veterans in the United States have been trained to be valuable and adaptable team players. It’s no surprise that the national veteran-unemployment rate is at an all-time low of just 3.8 percent — lower than the rate for non-veterans.

While a veteran’s resume may not include a long list of varied employers, it will contain insight into the inherent discipline of military life. Compared to non-veterans who move from one job to another to meet career goals, active military personnel move from one challenge to the next, gaining transferrable skills that benefit employers. Veterans are also motivated learners, as shown by the higher percentage of veterans who have completed some level of college education than non-veterans.

Through military service, veterans are trained to become any employer’s greatest asset. They have managed stress during missions, worked with people from all walks of life and learned to be flexible. They have also specialized in the areas of strategy, communications and technology that are significantly valued in the civilian workforce. And because veterans already possess these skills, little additional training is needed to orient them to a new position.

Because job-curious veterans are in such demand, veterans can actively network and advertise their availability and experience to potential employers. They can best position themselves to prospective employers by showcasing situations where they excelled in following orders, managing difficult situations and making strategic decisions.

For all job seekers, job hunting is a commitment, but military veterans understand the concept of commitment like few others. They have challenged themselves in the service of our country. Now, they are challenging themselves to make a difference in the civilian workforce.

Bradley-Morris and RecruitMilitary is the top organization connecting veterans and employers through job fairs across the country and a mobile-friendly online job board. Currently, over 200,000 active opportunities are available for job candidates.

As today’s labor trends indicate, employers and employees alike benefit greatly from the passion and commitment that veterans bring to the workplace.

Tim Best, CEO, Bradley-Morris and RecruitMilitary, [email protected]

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