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Supporting Our Veterans

Why Veterans Have the Advantage in Today’s Job Market

The workforce has changed due to the pandemic and shifting cultural attitudes, but veterans have a keen skillset and the right outlook to adapt.


Heather Piedrahita

Transition Specialist, Hire Heroes USA

In the COVID era, employers and employees in the United States have experienced massive upheaval in the job market. These sudden changes require an adaptable and resilient job seeker, qualities that our nation’s veterans already possess. Combined with an effective strategy, these traits present an opportunity for veterans to gain the upper hand in a career search.

Millions of Americans experienced gaps in employment in 2020, and veterans who struggled to find their first civilian job remain highly competitive candidates in the workforce. In fact, these circumstances offer a valuable chance for veterans to share how they used this time to recharge and prepare for their next professional chapter. When discussing a gap in employment, job seekers should be ready to explain why they took the time off, what they learned from the experience, and make it clear they are ready to get back into the workforce. 

The pandemic also prompted many employees to re-evaluate their priorities and pursue new careers with employers who align with their values, offer higher wages, and provide better benefits. 

Increased turnover in the labor market opens the door for veterans to showcase two major attributes. First, for those who are transitioning into new roles or industries, veterans can highlight a wide range of transferable skills from their military experience. Second, veterans have consistently shown commitment to a cause greater than themselves and demonstrated a high level of perseverance throughout their military service.

No matter the challenges presented by trends in the job market, veterans should feel confident in their skills and abilities to find rewarding careers. For veterans, one constant in any job search is access to free support from veteran service organizations nationwide. These organizations offer relevant guidance and helpful resources to empower veterans to achieve success in their civilian careers.

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