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Sustainable Living

4 Expert Tips for Saving Energy at Home


Carla J. Peterman

Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission

With climate change looming and utility bills soaring out of control, everybody wants to find ways to conserve energy and save a little money, which is good both for the environment and the wallet. So, whether you’re just trying to lower your power bill or you want to help the environment, I have some go-to tips for keeping your energy as low as possible at home.

Vents need their space

Do you have furniture blocking the vents? Move furniture away to give them some breathing room. This will avoid trapping air flow, wasting energy and posing a fire hazard.

Give your feet a treat

Rugs and carpeting help to insulate your home which keeps warm air from escaping and using up more energy. Plus they feel a whole lot more comfortable between your toes.

Lower the pressure

Water heating could be using a lot more energy than you realize. Lowering your water heater’s temperature and installing low-flow showerheads can be other great ways to conserve energy and money.

Unplug and unwind

Leaving charged smartphones and laptops plugged in wastes energy and can damage your battery. When your devices are fully charged be sure to unplug them as an easy way to save.

Alone, none of these tips will single-handedly save the environment, but together they can go a long way towards making a difference.

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