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More is not necessarily better when it comes to water usage. Through decades of expert craftsmanship and engineering, Kohler offers plumbing products that can significantly reduce water consumption while performing better than older models.

The planet is changing, and one of the challenges presented by these changes is water scarcity in many parts of our country, especially the western United States.

Whether or not you live in a state where drought has become commonplace, conserving water makes sense from both an economical and environmental perspective. One of the easiest ways to save water is to make some simple repairs around your home.

“There might be leaks from your faucet or toilet valves, maybe they’re not shutting off properly, maybe your toilet is continuously refilling, even though no one’s used it,” said Dan Halloran, senior principal engineer at Kohler. “Those simple maintenance things actually go a long way.”

Another important step is to invest in water-saving products.

A better flush

Some consumers are hesitant to make the switch to products that use less water, but Halloran says breakthroughs in engineering make today’s toilets more effective than older models while naturally using less water.

“If you live in a home that was built before, say, 1997, and it still has its original toilets, you should be looking to replace them with new ones,” Halloran said. “They’ll be more efficient, and they’ll work better.”

Newer toilets can effectively remove waste using 1.28 gallons of water per flush, compared to 3.5 gallons for older models. That efficiency can greatly reduce your home’s water footprint.

“And in every way that we measure performance, new toilets are better than those old three-and-a-half-gallon toilets,” Halloran said.

The right fit

Toilets aren’t the only plumbing fixtures that have greatly increased in efficiency without sacrificing performance. Replacing your showerheads, faucets, and more can help you reduce your home’s water usage while improving the experience of these products we depend on daily.

When shopping around for the right water-conscious home improvements, Halloran says you can’t go wrong with a newer product from a reliable brand, like Kohler.

“You’re going to get guaranteed quality, and that’s because we spend a tremendous amount of time and effort designing our products, and not just for function, but also for all the other attributes you might want, like increased cleanability” he said. “They can really allow you to have a more gracious and comfortable life.”

For those looking for a third-party assurance about a product’s water-saving prowess, WaterSense (developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) is the gold standard for accreditation. To earn WaterSense approval, products must be at or below certain water-usage standards (i.e., 2.5 gallons per minute for shower faucets) while also meeting key performance metrics.

“Meeting those performance aspects helps make sure that you aren’t receiving a subpar product, and that this product still performs its function while helping you conserve water,” said Ryan Leichty, director of engineering at Kohler.

Kohler, which won its sixth WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award in 2020, designs products to meet or even exceed WaterSense standards, meaning you can be confident your new Kohler toilet, showerhead, or faucet is certifiably conserving water, which is becoming more critical with each passing year.

“There is a fixed quantity of water in the world, and the conservation of it, in whatever form it’s in today, is one of the best things we can do for the environment,” Halloran said. “The right small actions do make a real impact.”

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