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Luke Bryan Chats About Food and Farmers

luke bryan-farmers-farming-food
luke bryan-farmers-farming-food
Luke Bryan, Photo by Robby Klein

Country music singer and Feeding America partner Luke Bryan takes a moment to answer our questions about food and farming.

How do you think that empowering and connecting with farmers can positively impact hunger?

Each year, we’re asking farmers to do more — we’re asking them to do more as the challenges to farms get tougher and tougher. For me, when you look at diesel prices, you look at land prices, and you look at stuff like that, I think no one is creating an environment where we can show our appreciation to farmers.

The farmers are no different than frontline workers, you know, firemen and policemen, I mean, a lot of times they’re doing a lot of this work. And they don’t make a lot of money at this. But they get uplifted, they get showcased, and they get shown love and positive feedback. That goes a long way in these farming communities.

You know, there are farmers, but then there are people that work for the farmers like the people that drive the trucks. A lot of times the farmers hold the financial ups and downs of farming, and a lot of people come in and work for these farmers. So there’s the actual farmer and then there’s an umbrella of people around that farmer who need to be remembered and uplifted, too.

I just think the stakes always get a little higher every year with growing climate change. There are so many unknowns in farming. So I think the best thing to do is just uplift them and show them our appreciation and teach the world that farmers are out there making this food, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on. When you look at vegetarians or vegans, or meat lovers, or whatever — all these different people — either way a farmer is out producing stuff to eat, not the grocery store. You have to understand that there are real Americans out there working hard to grow food for all of us.

What should big corporations do to honor and uplift the farmers that they work with?

Well, I think corporations like Bayer — they’re partnered up with people that believe the message. These big corporations have good years and bad years, and if they can pass their good years back to the farmers with rebates, they help them save a little money on the back end. They cooperate. I think a company like that, they’re constantly creating more innovative ways to help the farmers.

What are some of your kids’ favorite snacks to bring to school?

Oh, easy question. My kids love carrots. I’ve been trying to get them to eat healthier and they’ve really been enjoying them. But on the other hand, they also love Cheez-Its.

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