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Food and Agriculture

Preparing the Next Generation of Agriculture Students to Fight Hunger

Today, Earth’s 7 billion inhabitants are facing many challenges; one of the leading ones is world hunger. The fact is there is enough food for everyone in the world; the problem is its uneven distribution. There are parts of the world where people have mass overproduction of food, where food ends up unused and thrown away; and then there are areas where people barely produce enough food for themselves. This state of affairs is already unsustainable.

Farmers of the future

By 2050, the world’s population will reach an amazing 9 billion inhabitants. Who will produce food for all of them? The answer is simple: today’s agriculture students, who will become professionals in their field, will be the ones who face the biggest issue that confronts humanity. In order for them to do so, it is critical for them both to understand how food is produced on their own local or national level and to see the bigger picture and think globally. Only by uniting current students, who are future professionals, can we start designing a world without hunger.

Pooling our resources

This is a big challenge that nobody could tackle alone. Therefore, it is necessary to foster exchanges of knowledge, ideas and experiences amongst students worldwide to come up with new, innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of agriculture and food production. Such knowledge transfer will both improve the individuals involved in the exchanges and influence the way food is produced. We live in the 21st century and we are surrounded by so many incredible resources and opportunities. Why don’t we use them and join together in the fight against the world hunger?

Ana Poštek, VP of Communication, IAAS World, [email protected]

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