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Why Water Access Is Critical in the Fight Against Hunger

Archimedes knew that one person could move the world if they stood in the right place. One of those places is access to clean water, where small changes can leverage a powerful difference.

In the complicated, interconnected web of world hunger, water stands as the most undervalued component in solving this impending world crisis. A human being can survive for several weeks or even months without food. Without access to water, a human being will die in as little as one week. Because water is the most fundamental building block necessary for life on this planet, access to it is the most critical element necessary for human survival.

The source of life 

Water is the first domino in the chain of events that lead to poverty, suffering and death in the developing world. Access to water is also the platform on which sustainable life is built. When water is removed from any landscape, the result is a barren and arid wilderness. A similar fate awaits the human body, family and community when access to water is denied. This problem is easier to address when we separate the individual lives from the jumbled statistics offered to represent a seemingly unsolvable problem.

Doing your part

“Give me a place to stand with a lever and I will move the world,” goes the quote famously attributed to Archimedes, and when one individual provides the gift of life in the form of water to another person, they begin to move that lever. If everyone plays a small part, we can collectively solve world hunger in a move that will unite every person, family, church, school and business.

Nicholas Jordan, Founder, Wells of Life, Inc., [email protected]

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