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For donors, technology enables people to easily find new causes to support, both local and national, and instantly take action to help them.

Technology is the great equalizer, providing nonprofit organizations a cost-effective way to connect with donors. Consequently, not having the right technology in place means you aren’t reaching potential supporters.

If you don’t have a tailored, data-driven digital strategy or your donation page is poorly designed, hard to read, or confusing to understand, says Cheryl Hori, founder and chief strategist of Pacific Campaign House, you’re leaving money on the table. Software tools like AB Charities and ActBlue help nonprofits raise funds while connecting with donors of all sizes.

Attracting small donors

Because technology allows nonprofits to reach a wider audience, the organizations can cultivate the small donor.

“Small-dollar donors do more than just donate,” says Erin Hill, executive director at ActBlue. “They start the conversations with other people that lead to more supporters, and they’re more likely to engage with your nonprofit in other ways, like volunteering.” They also play a major role in the organization’s financial independence, by increasing the donor base and providing sustainable monthly gifts.

With small donors, it isn’t just about the money; it’s also about the investment in the organization’s purpose, adds Hori. Small donors want to help make a difference. Your organization can engage these small donors with a digital platform that reflects both yours and their values.

Using your platform to connect with donors

To engage a lot of people, your fundraising platform needs to remove as much friction as possible from the donation process, explains Hill. You want to make it easy enough so they’ll want to come back and support you. Offering options like PayPal and Apple Pay, for example, make it easier for donors to give wherever they are and on whatever device they prefer.

“An under-appreciated aspect of fundraising platforms is the customized support they can come with,” adds Hill. ActBlue has entire teams dedicated to offering free digital fundraising trainings and one-on-one strategy sessions.

Small-donor fundraising is seeing transformative growth, with millions of people saving their information online so they can easily donate again. Nonprofits need to start investing in these donors today, so they don’t miss out on money down the line.

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