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7 Reasons a Smart Home Is Worth the Investment

Homeowners might think “expensive” or “complicated” when they hear the words “smart home,” but smart home technology is well worth the initial investment. Smart devices and systems bring convenience, efficiency, saved costs, entertainment, and well-being. The Home Technology Association (HTA) polled HTA Certified home technology professionals on the top seven ways a smart home can make life easier.


A home is not smart unless it’s healthy. For example, Delos’ DARWIN, a home wellness platform, is designed to help enhance energy, sleep, and overall well-being. It reduces indoor contaminants that negatively affect respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, and cognitive health. Now more than ever, this wellness technology is important for homeowners.” — Jan Vitrosky, HEDSouth


“Homeowners realize that DIY security products like cameras and security detection systems can be confusing and often require expertise in networking and other technologies in order to work as intended. Professionally installed smart home security systems make your home safer and more secure at home or away.” — David Rogers, Dallas Sight and Sound

Voice control

“Alexa and Siri paved the way for voice control, but more advanced voice control systems like are taking voice into the future. Voice has become easier to use, more reliable, privacy-focused, and hands-free, which is important in the COVID-19 era.” George Harrison, Harrison Home Systems


As more devices are connected to the network and people are increasingly working from home, the demand on home networks is becoming greater than most older Wi-Fi systems can handle. An up-to-date and professionally installed network can support this demand and is more secure than off-the-shelf Wi-Fi products.” — Jason Bellanti, Spire Integrated


“Now that people are staying home, they are using and upgrading their media rooms and home theaters. Watching concerts at home has caused a rise in the quality of equipment as well. These spaces make your home more entertaining, without having to brave commercial cinemas.” Ryan Anderson, BRAVAS

Energy efficiency  

“Smart home technology can make life a lot more comfortable and will save money over time. Automated heating and cooling costs are the biggest opportunities for savings, while shade control helps regulate temperature swings, so you run your air conditioner and heater less.” Steve Stary, Brilliant AV


“‘Scenes’ save time and effort, making life that much more convenient. A ‘Good Morning’ scene can turn on the lights gently, raise the shades, turn on your favorite channel in the kitchen, and disarm the security system. It makes all the difference.” — Josh Christian, Home Technology Association

Your smart home dream is attainable and worth it. Use the Home Technology Association’s Budget Calculator to get started. To find someone to help you do it right, visit for an HTA Certified smart home integrator near you.

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