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If You’re Not Worried About Burst Pipes You Should Be

Though water damage is the second leading homeowners insurance claim, many forget to protect their homes against leaks. Larry Waxman of LeakSmart explains why automatic leak detection can help.

Larry Waxman


What is the benefit of automating leak detection?

With automatic leak detection, your home is protected from catastrophic water damage. In the event of a water leak at any major appliance in the home or even within the wall, a leak can be detected and trigger the water main to automatically shut-off the water to stop the water flow. Whether the leak is a pipe burst, open faucet, or faulty appliance, automatic leak detection will prevent this from flooding the home, without the need for the homeowner to be home or manually locate and shut-off the water. Not only does automatic leak detection stop a water leak, you can control your homes water from anywhere in the world through a smart home app and shut-off the water directly from a smart device.

How does early leak detection prevent damage to the home?

One burst pipe can unleash as much as 15 to 20 gallons of water per minute into the home. Imagine being on vacation or away at work when that happens and not able to turn off your water. The amount of water and damage in the home is unbearable. With automatic early leak detection, this can be avoided, and the damage mitigated. 

What is one piece of advice you would give a new homeowner concerned about leakage and water damage?

Homeowners today protect their home from fire and theft, but often water protection is forgotten about. When really water damage is more likely to occur than theft and is the second leading homeowner insurance claim. With homeowners spending far more time in their homes now than ever during the global pandemic, the protection and safety of their home is important.

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