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Kevin Guest runs a billion-dollar company and while business matters, he’s knows it’s more important to help those in need.

“I feel so incredibly blessed that it would be sinful for me to not, in any way that I can, try and give back,” says Guest, CEO of USANA Health Sciences, a health and nutritional company making products including vitamins, supplements and skincare products.

Making a difference

Growing up in Montana, Guest watched his parents assist others through service and donations. Now he’s committed to helping people, especially children, get healthy.

He’s traveled around the world — including Africa, Romania, the Philippines and Mexico — all places where he’s seen poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

His company’s nonprofit charity, USANA True Health Foundation, works to provide critical human necessities like nutrition, clothing, shelter and medical assistance to those who need it.

So far, the foundation, which started in 2012, has donated over $7 million of their children’s multivitamin supplement and provided over 25 million meals to kids around the world.

Doing what’s right

Guest, who’s been featured on “The Dr. Oz Show”, has a new book, “All the Right Reasons: 12 Timeless Principles for Living a Life in Harmony.”

All proceeds from the book will go to kids at a Thailand orphanage, who are victims of human trafficking. Buying one book means 40 meals will be donated.

“My goal is to raise a million meals just from this book so that for a whole year in these orphanages, these kids will get three meals a day,” he says.

Finding service opportunities

Guest encourages everyone to find opportunities to serve.

“We can all give back in our own way, it doesn’t have to be huge,” he says. “A whole bunch of small acts equal a large amount of service.”

It also doesn’t have to be monetary.

“It’s as simple as smiling to someone and saying ‘hi’,” Guest says. “That’s a form of service that this world could use more of.”

Kristen Castillo, [email protected]

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